The Company

Our history


After the experience gained at FIAT, Antonio Comensoli opens a Permafuse specialist workshop for the regeneration and bonding of drum brakes.


Mauro Comensoli also joins the company. It was decided to move from regeneration to the construction of iron parts.


CTS was founded Comensoli Tranciatura e Saldatura for the construction of iron parts.


The workshop and the CTS merge. FRENCO was founded for the construction of brake-clutch jaws and brake masses.


FRENCO is one of the first companies in Italy to apply the new European regulations of the sector abandoning the friction materials containing asbestos, choosing BERAL as a supplier partner.


With the need to expand the production site, a new plant opens in Novagli di Montichiari.


The entire production process and the offices are moved to the new plant.


A new production plant is opened in Carpenedolo. The turnover exceeds 6 million Euro.


FRENCO acquires an entire branch of a historic Italian company specialised in the production of torsion axles. The FRENCO AXF Axles division was founded.


FRENCO decides to open a pilot project in Spain, following the temporary increase in requests from the local market. With 2017, this project is considered completed.


FRENCO decides to introduce new personnel to its staff to consolidate and increase its presence on the Italian and foreign market.